Class of 1957
Corning High School
School Photos

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Row 1 (l-r) Sam Richey, Jerry Walters, Jack Weeks, Larry Costello, Vernon Coulthart, Dale Stuvick
Row 2 Karen Dotson, Beverly Drew, ???, Sandra Steuckradt, Connie White, Connie Wild, Kathryn Compton, Marcia DeVore
Row 3 Mike Leonard, ???, Terry Wright, Bud Thomas, Larry Miller, Bob Reuben
Row 4 David Dunlavy, Dixie Sickler, Rosemary Theil, Lois Yearington, Monica Waters, ??? Jean Talty

Row 1 (l-r) Butch Coulthard, Ole Stuvik, Jerry Walters, Bob Reubem, Mike Leonard, David Dunlavy, Ronnie Symonds, Richard Gillette, Jack Weeks
Row 2 Rosemary Theil. Lois Yearington, Mmonica Waters, Sally Carmichael, Carol Devereau, Marcia DeVore, Dixie Sickler, Sandra Steuckradt, ???, Donna Janky, Kathy Campbell, Jane Bigger
Row 3 Jean Talty, Evelyn Kingery, Patty Thompson, Larry Costello, Richard Given, Terry Wright, Dauber Thompson, Gearld Brown, Pedro Schafroth, Connie White, Connie Wild
Row 4 Juanita Reed, Beverly Drew, Mary Lou Larson, Karen Dotson, Norma Long

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